Educational Materials

Overdose Data/Statistics

Riverside County, CA – Overdose Dashboard:

California Department of Health (CDPH) Overdose Dashboard

Educational Materials (Reading)

Harm Reduction 101 (Drug Policy Alliance):

Nationwide information about safe sharps disposal:

California’s 911 Good Samaritan Law:

Fentanyl Use and Overdose Prevention Tips:

Overamping: Stimulant Overdose (English):

Sobreestimulación y “Overamping”: Sobredosis de Estimulantes (Español):

TripSit Wiki:

Radical Guide To Safer Drug Use

Educational Materials (Videos)

Naloxone/Narcan Training Video (English):

How to Respond to an Opioid Overdose (ASL):

Naloxone/Narcan Nasal Use (Español):

Intramuscular Naloxone (Español):

Using Fentanyl Test Strips (English):

IEHR Training Resources Guide: